a President Donald trump would win the upcoming elections with a probability of 91 percent. Such calculations have led a Professor at the University of stony brook Helmut Norpoth (Helmut Norpoth), which predicted a victory for trump in 2016, reports FOX News.

According to Norpoth, trump will receive 362 votes. These findings, the expert made by analyzing the results of the primaries using a model which takes into account statistical data and a series of historical facts. Following the theory Nartopa, trump needs to win in those States, and in 2016, and at the same time to enlist the support of the majority of voters in new Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Vermont, Virginia, Minnesota, Maine and new Hampshire.

As the Professor said, to predict a victory for trump in the presidential election the results of the primaries in which he easily beat out the other candidates from the Republican party. At the same time, his main opponent, the most likely Democratic candidate, former us Vice-President Joe Biden has faced a number of difficulties during the primary election, in particular, with the lack of willingness of the Democrats to consolidate their efforts to support his candidacy.

Northop admitted that the pandemic coronavirus may have some influence on the outcome trump the election, but felt that it would be negligible.

In mid-may it was reported that while Biden is ahead of trump in the election race. According to research company SSRS, Biden supports 51 percent of registered voters, 46 percent prefer the Trump.