The Team “Astralis” at the star ladder Major in Berlin, an exclamation point! In the Final of the prestigious Counter-Strike tournament, the Danes defeat the Kazakh pus “Avangar outer” clearly with 2:0.

in This case, the Astralis reserves “” on both cards clearly have the upper hand and decides the Match with a 16:6 and 16:5 clearly for themselves. After the Team could not last build long on the achievements of the previous year, the victory is Major, which can be regarded as a kind of world championship, but something of a surprise.

On the way to the title eliminated “Astralis”, among other things, in the quarter-final Top-favorite “Team Liquid”. For final losers “Avanger” is the final a small eSports Sensation. The Kazakhs back thanks to the strong tournament in Berlin at 15th place in the unofficial world ranking list.

Around 10’000 spectators followed the star ladder Major on the final day of Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena. Overall, the organizers distributed a prize money of one Million US dollars, 500’000 Hiking on the account of the winner of “Astralis”. (law)