Every single player in the 2000s team of the FC St. Gallen has been elevated to the legend status. Because the aspens had previously been once master: 1904. And since then, never again. Among the legends also Ionel Gane, of all only Jerry called. The fun-loving Romanian wowed the Fans, although he stands in the shadow of top scorer Charles Amoah. Today, Gane assistant is the coach of the Romanian national team.

Ionel Gane: of course! Live I can still not see the game, because it is compatible with the time. But on Sunday come to the big top battle, isn’t it?

Just. I want to look at me. As one hundred percent of St. Gallen’s Fan!

mice… Our master trainer in 2000. He is a great Coach. He stood at the origin of this title. The Trainings were strong. And he felt the players. Those were replacement.

Yes, even on a regular basis. Recently, we have seen us in Zurich two years ago, as I had previously been in St. Gallen against FC Basel in the stadium.

I see on the net, what’s going on. And finally, I’ve met Franco di Jorio. He told me about it. It reminds in fact of the most of the season. We also played with huge enthusiasm. The stadium was sold out, with 11’000 Fans almost always.

Incredible! The aspen moss was a real football stadium. Small, tight. Since it went off the Post. And not just on the field. Also, throughout the club, on the street.

Yes. And, although I lived in Gossau. The people always came to you, wanted to talk about the upcoming title. As the title was then quite near, it was extremely.

This Hunger a big success. At that time, almost a century ago, it was Yes, that of St. Gallen for the last time master was. And also this time it will be in the summer of twenty years. In between, there was no Cup race victory. Nothing.

That was in the first game. We played at GC. The Zurich-based led after a quarter hour of 3:0. But we made up for before the break. Then GC went again in the lead, in stoppage time. Everyone thought: That’s it. Now GC is about to start. However, Amoah equalised in the fifth overtime minute. With this incredible 4:4, we laid the Basis for the championship.

I can’t do much. No more than the distance the fingers crossed and hope. I’m not quite.