The car brand Ssangyong is just a wrecked wreck, which demolished the Front completely: In Eschenz, TG, a passenger car, caused on Wednesday shortly before 17.45 a violent accident. The man at the wheel of the car had to be brought in with serious injuries to the hospital.

The man was with his vehicle on the main road from Mammern in the direction of Eschenz on-the-go, as he was in a right turn suddenly to the other side of the road. There, the car crashed into the side head-on with an oncoming truck.

the truck driver remains unharmed

In the case of the Crash, the car driver was trapped in his vehicle and had to be later by the fire brigade freed. While the drivers had to be flown with the Rega to the hospital, the 60-year-old last

To the evidence and clarify the circumstances of the Accident driving the car with the horrors of the Forensic service of the cantonal police was called in Thurgau beige. The fire Department Eschenz-Mammern blocked the road during the accident and rerouted the traffic. (cat)