In an “ITV”-documentation of their ten-day trip to Africa was Duchess Meghan (38), that she is “okay”, and at the pressure of their Royal role to suffer. In the network of the Clip of the emotional Duchess spread quickly. Thousands of Users from languages Meghan under the Hashtag #weloveyou on Meghan’s support and encouragement. The Journalist Tom Bradby (52), and Meghan and Prince Harry (35) interviewed in Africa for the Doc, writes in the “Sunday Times” about his time with the Royals.

The Couple suffers from the criticism and the life in the Public eye and, according to Bradby “hurt and defenseless”. Meghan said to the journalists: “We take it day by day.” She admitted, according to Tom Bradby that she and Harry currently exist “and not live”. Bradby saw Meghan and Harry in Africa as a Couple, “which is under extreme pressure and to break it sometimes threatens”. The Moderator writes that Harry believes that the press have his mother, Princess Diana (†36), on the Conscience. He is not afraid that the story with his wife could repeat.

Harry looked “incredibly tired, even burned out” from the

Bradby writes: “I could not help but to notice how incredibly tired, and even burned Harry looked like.” Meghan and Harry is now all too much? The Pair is now pulling the emergency brake, and wanted to take a break from six weeks to come as a family again forces. This is confirmed by a Royal Insider that the Sunday Times: until mid-November, the two dates would have to perceive. After that, you want to take “much-needed family time”.

Draws the Couple with Baby Archie to Africa?

Harry wants to leave the UK at all, “complete”, such as the Royal says allegedly in the Doc. Draws the Couple with Baby Archie to Africa? “I don’t know where we could live in Africa”, says Harry, of the raves of Cape town, but admits that a move would be difficult. “With all the problems in Cape town, I don’t see how we could do a lot of changes, as we want to.”

at the same time Harry says, that he feels in Africa is “more like himself” than any other place in the world. “The Rest of our lives, especially our work will be focused mainly on Africa,” said the Royal. As one Insider says, to “Mirror”, think about Meghan and Harry, currently, to build a house in Botswana. (kad)