Transducer live longer

On the weekend the Evil of the country will rise again and put on their drill trousers. The Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine festival (ESAF) in the train of the next swing king is looking for. About 100 years ago, such a victory meant in addition to fame and honor, but also a longer life – this is evidenced by the not-yet-published study by the University of Zurich.

According to the involved researcher Gabi Wüthrich, this could be a “fame and honour – effect” of the transducer for longer life. Similar price to other studies for Nobel prize laureate and Oscar-winner observed.

on average, the resonant Non-kings in the studied time period was 68.7 years old, while the “coming kings” just to 63.7 years. The swing king, who lived the longest, by the way, was Christian Zumbrunn († 1944) from Äschi in Spiez. He was 94 years old.

in addition to vibrating kings benefited but also otherwise successful transducer from this effect. Those were over a period of seven years with great success (winning a Federal. Ring*), lived about six years longer than the transducer, were unable to point to successes.

In the modern era, but these results are hardly transferable. The studied oscillators were born between 1735 and 1918. Later-born of the oscillator were not considered due to the professionalisation of the sport. Since a large part of the oscillators formerly cheese maker, a butcher or farmer, you could shoot a big income difference among the oscillators only. Thus, one can assume that there is no decisive difference, for example, in the medical supply inventory.

* The Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sports festival is carried out since 1895 in this Form. Before supra-regional oscillation were fixed as the Unspunnen – or Kilchberg fixed on mighty pens uplifted soars as Federal oscillating and were accordingly considered in this study.

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine festival to festival 2019 in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.

the current results of The ESAF, there is always in the News Ticker.

11.00 am / opening of the Festgeländes13.00 / flag reception in Zug14.00 / Start parade

7.30 / invasion of the Schwinger7.45 / Nationalhymne8.00 / Oscillation (1./2. Gear)8.00 / Start Of The Competition Steinstossen13.30 / Decay (3./4. Gang)14.00 / Final 20-kg-Steinstossen14.30 / Final 40-kg-Steinstossen17.15 / end of Decay

7.45 / Ausstich (5. Gear)10.30 / Ausstich (6. Gear)13.30 / Wreath Ausstich (7. Gear)14.45 / Final Unspunnenstein15.15 / wreath ausstich (8. Gear)16.45 / closing speed