Modemanden Erik Brandt has in recent years both had to take leave of both his wife, his best friend, prince Henry, and later his dog.

Now provides coronakrisen him headaches, due to quite other things.

“We can not get the goods home, and the shops close, and those we do business with, closes,” says Erik Brandt, who owns modebrandet ‘Margit Brandt’.

“It is difficult for all those who do not have ballast enough to stand it through. I have, fortunately, but it is still not fun,” he adds.

He is far from the only entrepreneur, who suffer from the consequences of the worldwide crisis that has closed many thousands of transactions. Among other things, the Danish musician Anders Holch Povlsen, who owns group Bestseller, also gigangtiske problems.

“We are about to create new collections, but it is not particularly exciting, if you do not even know if the shops are open,” says Erik Brandt, who is concerned for the next months:

“I’m damn sure not a pessimist, but this time, I do not think it goes. I think it lasts longer, and I think that one must see in the eyes, so that it can last the year out. And it means that everyone loses a lot of money. There is no discussion about,” he says.

in Order to keep pace with the crisis wonder Erik Brandt also about what he should do with his employees.

“I’m talking with my accountant three times a day,” he says.

Despite the problems, is he of good cheer

“I have much to be happy. And I have damn also had some lovely boyfriends. I had the Margit in all those years, but then she died. So dead prince Henrik – he was my best friend. And so died the dog,” says Erik Brandt, and adds:

“But should I sit and hoot? It does not help. I can hoot some times, when I see the individual programs in the television, but otherwise I try to laugh as much as I can. It is important to keep their spirits up.”

Like many others, is Erik Brandt at home in his apartment to avoid being infected with coronavirussen, en B. T. caller to hear how it goes.

And although the new situation has reversed part up and down on his life, so he has not allowed herself to turn out. He bored a little, he says, and tells that there is no boyfriend in the home. In return he has plenty of time to see a part of James Bond films.

“currently, there is a cavalcade with James Bond. I have seen them all together before – and now I see them again. And so I recommend my grandchildren that they can see it. After all, they have never seen James Bond,” says Erik Brandt, who has daughters, Julie and Emilie Brandt, as well as six grandchildren.

Erik Brandt has not, however, isolated himself so much that he did not see any people.

He has a daily employee, who passes by, as well as a helper, who helps with dinner. There he sees his daughters and grandchildren.

He is wont usually to go some trips near his apartment, but they have been significantly reduced due to the government’s ban on large gatherings and ordered to stay away from other people.

“I fit tremendously. I am very much at home. I go a few trips per day, and then I’m home again. But never know. When prince Charles have been infected, so can all the be the been infected,” says Erik Brandt, who has had to cancel a trip due to the crisis:

“I should have been to Mallorca now, but I can’t, for there is closed,” he says.