apparently the Turkish government is Serious in the fight against the Coronavirus. And that is also the view in wide Parts of the Turkish society.

in fact, it has taken a number of measures: at an Early stage, the schools were closed, major events cancelled, the limit to the risk country of Iran has been closed, even a curfew for seniors over the age of 65 years was decided.

The Turkish Minister of health, Fahrettin Koca inform on Twitter every day, the Public about the state of things: Hope he declares how many Tests have already been carried out.

Even the Turkish Opposition, which is usually located in a permanent clinch with the government, seems to be satisfied with their crisis management.

Doctors do not draw a different picture

However, each convinced of this image. Deutsche Welle spoke with Doctors who treated in Turkish hospitals Covid19 patients. picture-alliance/dpa/XinHua/M. Kaya Turkish Doctors fear the “Italian conditions”

The doctors, who want to all remain anonymous, reports of huge negligence of the government and are very skeptical about the alleged overcoming of the Corona-crisis.

“The Problem is not the mortality of the Virus. The Problem is the overwhelming number of virus carriers. The number is not growing as fast – even around the world, there would be enough medical equipment and respiratory equipment, in order to cope with these crowds,” complains a doctor.

lack of goods Corona-Tests

health Minister Koca, however, the population is assured that enough Tests were carried out, the dissemination of the Virus to determine: “7286 Tests were carried out in the last 24 hours”, tweeted he was about on Thursday night.

But many Doctors to the fact that too little is being tested: “90 percent of our patients undergo a Corona-specific therapy, but in none of the patients Covid-19 has been previously diagnosed, as hardly any Tests are performed. Only two Tests are allowed 100 people,” says a doctor who works in one of the largest state-owned hospitals.

“Even if it is to occur Corona-typical symptoms, such as inflammation in the lungs, fever, or cough, be carried out no Tests.” Accordingly, the dark figure of the Corona-Infected in Turkey had to be very high.

Also, a General practitioner, the stand by yourself for ten days under quarantine, and the Coronavirus is from the home to wife and child is transferred, the small number of Tests carried out as a main problem in the fight against the Virus: “I have spoken with a doctor about my symptoms and the treatment planned, but a Test has not done yet.”

In his Sick leave you do not have Covid-19, but “back pain” noted.

A porous quarantine

another criticism of the Doctors is that the quarantine would not be observed. A hospital employee reported: “Those suspected of being Covid-19 are initially isolated in a separate section from other patients. But the relatives of the patients go in and out.” From quarantine, one could not speak so hardly.

Even de Doctors see another Problem of the Turkish Public still largely unknown: The number of infected Doctors, and other staff in health professions, they say, is very high.

“We have colleagues who are in intensive care and artificial respiration,” says a surgeon of a public hospital as an example.

He was worried about it that you can experience in Turkey conditions, such as in Italy and France, where the hospitals can no longer cope with the high number of patients, because nearly all beds are occupied.

“Even worse days lie ahead of us: In Italy, you have to decide who dies and who lives. I wonder how I’m supposed to do. I’m so scared.”

According to the media are treated in the most affected areas of patients with complications only report if you have a chance of good Survival.

Erdogan warns, however, wedding videos are the round

Despite insistent Appeals of the Turkish government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the population to stay at home, not many seem to follow.

It is reported that seniors lock in spite of the output of the house left. Videos of large groups celebrating weddings, make social media the round.

Many people would not take the Virus seriously, because different viruses were often of the same high mortality rate, says one of the Doctors, with which the DW has spoken.

Add to this that 80 per cent of the Infected did not show any serious symptoms, he says: “Therefore, no one takes even in my own family, in spite of all the warnings, the epidemic seriously.”

The danger of the Virus, he urges us on, but especially in his home of infectivity: the ability of so that Covid-19 will not spread from people who notice your infection itself.

“If we don’t want to lose the sick and the elderly, no one should have to leave the house. It is our only solution,” says another doctor.

“Spread this message, tell it to your fellow journalists. All should spread this message.” Isolation is the only means to slow down, he says: “no one Else can cope with the onslaught. No one!”

author: Emine Algan

*The post “Turks celebrate big feasts, and fear conditions, such as in Italy,” published by Deutsche Welle. Contact with the executives here.

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