The ÉquiLibre organization unveils this Monday the five finalists for the 13th edition of its namesake prize, which each year rewards Quebec initiatives that have been able to promote the acceptance of body diversity.

Until March 19, the public is invited to vote for one of the finalists, namely the Instagram account @_sonia_tremblay, hosted by Sonia Tremblay, the program Des bons mots, designed and hosted by Gabrielle Morissette and produced by MAtv Québec, the children’s book Le jolie bedon rond de Marion, written by Renee Wilkin and illustrated by Annie Boulanger, the series of video clips La grossophobia, produced by Arrimage Estrie, and the podcast À plat belly: la culture des diètes avec Loounie, hosted by Caroline Huard and produced by KOTV.

In a Léger poll conducted on behalf of ÉquiLibre, 18% of Quebecers answered that the standards of beauty conveyed by the media make them doubt their worth as a person. “Even if body diversity is more represented than before, there is still a lot of work to be done for it to become the norm,” said Andrée-Ann Dufour Bouchard, nutritionist and project manager at ÉquiLibre, in a press release.