A young mother shared her suffering on X. For Mother’s Day she gets a “cricklecrackle picture” from her child, while her husband gets to get drunk for Father’s Day. That is discriminatory.

On X, an influencer addressed her followers. She couldn’t understand why fathers were allowed to have so much fun on Father’s Day while mothers had to play housewife on Mother’s Day.

“Why is it that on Mother’s Day the mother is surrounded by her children all day, in the best case scenario she gets breakfast in bed, which then ends in chaos, which she is then allowed to clean up herself, a self-made crickle-crackle picture and is happy about it?” she asks.

However, the video is largely negatively received by her followers and viewers. “I don’t give a damn what the feminist chick says,” writes one user.

“Just don’t bring children into the world when you’re like that,” writes another. “Ticklecrackle picture…The kids will see this eventually when they’re old enough. Have fun in the retirement home…”

Recently, a Gen Z trend that almost glorifies the role of mother made headlines.

Young women dream of becoming the “hot housewife” for their future husbands: without employment, but with household duties and the requirement to always look good.

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