the Peak of the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia may occur in mid-may. This was stated by Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, academician Vasily Akimkin.

“On predictive data, rather, the maximum incidence will occur in mid-may. After that will decline,” – said the expert in the First channel.

Akimkin noted the positive impact of the dividing nature of the decline in growth of infection. “We see the real value of social factors on the dispersal of people, the possible lack of contact. See fact smoothed trends in morbidity” – quoted by RIA Novosti. But talk about reaching the plateau in the growth of cases of infection with coronavirus is still early, I am sure the Akimkin.

Not only social, but also natural factors can affect the decline rate of spread COVID-19. We are talking about natural sun exposure – sunlight, ultraviolet light, which any organism would be devastating, said the Professor.

Previously the Bank “believed algebra disharmony coronavirus,” in artificial intelligence have built a model that predicted the timing of the peak of the epidemic in Russia. According to the calculations of computers and programmers all over the country peak in the first decade of may, but with it will come a few days earlier.