residents watch as the fire burns, how water flows and how shame our so-called intellectuals. Cost Michael Ephraim to say he’s not opposition against Putin’s personality has nothing, as he was relegated the liberals of the “citizen poet” in “the bacteria”. Turned his head and spat.

Yefremov through his lawyer handed over his position to those who are trying to find a politically motivated arm of the regime in a fatal accident, — Putin is not asked to sit behind the wheel drunk. And then the actor admits: where am I and where the policy, no I do not opposition, but just the clown and the money earned.

And then it started. “As pinned, “I’m an artist, I’m just a clown… opposition!”… Bacterium, you are not the artist,” “I thought more disgust Efremov has can cause, but the lawyers are trying — and it becomes all the more disgusting” and so on and so forth…

And not like in dementia people. My grandmother, when in dementia was watching TV and said, “How he would cure him, he’s not a doctor, but the actor Livanov…”. Why Efremov, even reading angry poetry about Putin, should be the opposition? Let us rest then in opposition to write — he is talented trolls the government in General and President in particular, and lives in the Palace, as it should be people with good persons.

the Angry reaction is quite understandable — Efremov just solved the “mystery.” We have no liberal opposition — there are people who make money. Thrive under the current regime, enjoying its benefits, beat out for itself the privileges and budgetary grants and subsidies. And in opposition they are only because directly from the trough pushed, spin have, to sell, to tear close.

the Real opposition is. They do not count as much. But they don’t live in the alleys of the Boulevard ring, don’t drive a Bentley and state prize of the Russian Federation or of the award of the Department of state does not receive.

That’s for them Efremov as was a clown, so the clown and remained a good artist, not bacteria. The man who committed the heinous act, but still a man and citizen, regardless of like his views or not.

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