In the case of Michael Ephraim has been rotated 180 degrees. He can find a rare disease, which will attract the actor to criminal liability. In other words, prison is the famous actor is not threatened, if the diagnosis is confirmed. In this case, Mikhail Efremov threatens only a loss of driving privileges and long-term treatment from addiction to alcohol.

“It is not an oligarch”: Ephraim has no money for compensation

“In the course of a criminal investigation will be scheduled and conducted psychological and psychiatric examination, because continued use of alcohol causes a number of mental illnesses. These include such diseases as absence epilepsy, – said the lawyer Natalia Miroshnikova is an expert in such things, explaining that this disease can lead to seizures, which, in turn, be the response of the human nervous system in a systematic poisoning ethanol (ethyl alcohol included in the composition of most alcoholic beverages). Of "Terminological dictionary of a psychiatrist," absence seizure is a short – term shutdown of consciousness – continues Mirosnikova. – A man suddenly stops, freezes in the position in which he found the absence seizure. After the attack he is able to resume an interrupted lesson. It is noteworthy that the memories of the period of absence seizure usually not saved”.

This diagnosis, admit the experts, most likely, can lead to the fact that the favorite of the audience just avoid real prison. However, there is one important question: does Mikhail Efremov was at the time of the accident in the state described in the diagnosis. Answer it can only experienced professionals. And the fact that the actor is already quite a long time was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, revealed rapid tests, conducted immediately after he committed the accident.

As said Natalia Miroshnikova, now the situation may change radically, and the lawyers of Mikhail Efremov’s worth paying attention to the investigation, not on technical expertise, and psychological and psychiatric, which, in all probability, if they hold, then traditionally do it at the Institute. V. P. Serbsky, which will require long-term hospitalization of Ephraim (about a month) to the medical research centre of psychiatry and addiction. And investigators can assign such examination in the coming days.

“I in no case do not presume to make any decisions. However, the characteristic points have all seen, for example, the reaction of Mikhail Efremov. The next day after the accident he didn’t remember where he was, and what happened to him. Partial and complete amnesia can also be a symptom of absence epilepsy, sprawiea purpose for a long period of alcohol, – explains the lawyer and then he adds: – Civil liability with damages actor will suffer in any case”.

By the way, such developments had already taken place in judicial practice, when in 2007, in Moscow on a pedestrian crossing 33-year-old doctor Anastasia Maltseva knocked pregnant Eugene Pugachev and her fiance Alexei Stavrovskiy. Eugene died on the spot. And Mal escaped “forced outpatient observation and treatment by a psychiatrist in the community.” Then, too, everything was blamed on the absence seizure. Small detail: in the family Maltseva found relatives-doctors – her aunt Maya Maltseva and her husband Vyacheslav Kotov, who not only were physicians, and were the most experienced experts… the State Scientific Centre for social and forensic psychiatry. V. P. Serbsky.

That is the case with Mikhail Efremov was an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, who pointed out the possibility of salvation of the beloved actor from prison. So it is possible that the relatives of the deceased in the accident Sergei Zakharov, who took a principled stand not to take from the perpetrator of the accident no help, can now be left with nothing. After all, their main desire is to put the actor in prison. And this, under the circumstances, it will be impossible. However, the Mikhail Efremov to the whole country said that I will help the injured party all that you can.

However, both supporters and opponents of what happened still crossed their swords and spears on the Internet and in social networks.

“Some sur in heavy alcohol intoxication at the wheel and killed another driver… it would have Been an unknown John DOE, would be immediately taken away and locked closed before the court – considers Mister X. – 100% this is not the first case when in this state, sat behind the wheel and was caught. Surely it is already stopped and probably was also released. And if once he was deprived of the rights and planted the fullest extent of the law, he would not have committed murder. Such is the corrupt country”.

“Everything that is happening around in the country in the world is totally insane, denotes its position Ludmila Ogloblina. – And people, alas, is the first reflection of the events that exhibit this behavior. In Russia, the default rule applies: if you have money, you can do everything and you are outside the law, and the concept to be responsible for their actions is still just a concept.”