Researcher at the Department of General ecology and Hydrobiology of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, entomologist Vadim Mar commented on reports about the appearance of gadflies and horseflies in Moscow in the second half of July.

“first, it is important to understand that horseflies and gadflies — are completely different insects. Horseflies bite humans and feed on his blood, and gadflies of the human not bite. But mostly, those and others are found in the East, South-East of the country,” he said in an interview with site “Moscow 24”.

According to him, in the Central part of Russia, especially in the capital, these insects do not reach high concentrations.

As noted by Mar, horse flies are not vectors, therefore a special treatment the bite is not required, if there is no hypersensitivity.

Earlier progorod43 reported that in the Kirov region has told about a situation with ticks.