the Limburg United, the Dutch jeugdinternationaal Sam Huurman (18 years of age, 2m03) is attracted. He is on the second team (Gistel/Oostende) Oostende.

Sacha Massot, the new coach of the Limburg United, and to be the successor of Brian Lynch, also with the Belgian key to the next season already. Niels Marnegrave, Wen Mukubu, Maxime Depuydt, Sami Demirtas, Leander Dedroog, and the Belgian, Dutch, Nathan Kuta beach will play next season, and for the People.

for More about Limburg United, Sacha Massot is replacing Brian Lynch, coach at Limburg United, Basketploeg Limburg United, asks for a temporary unemployment benefits: “is” EuroMillions Basketball League is on hold until the 3rd of april, vrouwenfinale be postponed, “Everything is going upward for me