In 2020, his wife Pauline had a brain tumor removed. Singer Oli P. has now remembered the difficult time in an emotional statement.

Oli P. and Pauline have been through a lot in the past two years. A brain tumor was discovered in the ex-figure skater in 2006, which was already the size of a golf ball during a routine check in 2019. In March 2020, the life-saving operation took place, from which his wife has since recovered in small steps. In a moving post on Instagram to mark World Brain Cancer Day on June 8, the singer recalled the tough times.

During the operation about two years ago, he had to endure great fears for his beloved Pauline: “In March 2020 the world stood still,” Oli P. begins his moving text on Instagram. He also shared a photo of Pauline from the hospital’s intensive care unit shortly after the procedure.

The recording shows the wife of the former GZSZ star lying on the hospital bed with her eyes closed, connected to numerous hoses and machines. Oli P. also writes that the difficult situation at the time was compounded by the uncertainties of the corona epidemic that was just emerging.

But at that moment he was most worried about Pauline and also about how the operation might have changed her: “I didn’t know what kind of condition I would find my wife in after her brain tumor surgery.”

Some time has passed since the operation, during which the 35-year-old had to recover step by step. “I can’t even put into words what we’ve been feeling and going through since then,” says Oli P. and adds: “Unfortunately I can’t relieve my wife of the after-effects of the operation, but I can give her all my love until my last breath , giving faithfulness and strength.” The couple has been married since 2014.

After all, Pauline has already been able to achieve a lot: “Meanwhile things are going much better than two years ago, than a year ago, than at the beginning of the year.” Nevertheless, everything is still not one hundred percent the same as before: “It’s going well”. with us it’s always relative.” In relation to a healthy ‘good’ they are still a long way off.

But the singer and presenter is combative: “The path is the goal. And of course we always walk it together in full love.” Finally, he finds loving words for his wife: “I’m so proud of you!”

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