France intends to support artists, writers, Directors, theatre workers, said today the President of Emmanuel macron following the meeting with workers of culture. Minister Frank Riester tasked with executing the President’s tasks. “It is necessary that the newly revived creative centers and to the audience back,” says Mr. macron. But to make it almost impossible, said the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarkhanov.”May 11 museums, art galleries, libraries should be opened, said Emmanuel macron.— Must have the ability to open and theaters, at least during the rehearsals”. He was found in the morning with 12 artists, among whom were filmmakers Eric Toledano and Olivier nakache, the actress Sandrine Kiberlain and Nora Creep, theater Director Stanislas Nord, conductor Sebastien DOS, singer Katrin Rinie. Twelve jurors tried to convey to the President their vision of the judgment of the arts in quarantine.”Next season will have to be reinvented. I can’t say what will happen with this epidemic. Would it be possible to return to the old? I don’t know,— said the President. Will have to invent new forms, together with the public. It must be a Union of common sense with innovation.”
Quarantine imposed in France for all citizens 17 March, long before it managed to hit cultural institutions. With a decrease in the authorized number of visitors closed the main museums, theatres, cinemas. Major festivals were canceled one after another — France lost this year and Cannes, and Avignon, and AIX-EN-Provence, not counting regional festivals and city holidays, which also gave money to actors and artists.Parliamentarians, members of the committees for culture, sent to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe urging them to help artists, reminding us of the debt of a grateful nation to the last. It’s not about the vague position of “national prestige”, and that culture is the gross national product of France seven times more than car factories. Helping the culture of the country help themselves.President Makron promised to create special funds to support the crew who are forced in conditions of quarantine to stop the work. Newly opened national music centre will receive a subsidy of €50 million Writers, artists, photographers four months will be exempted from social benefits. Theatrical workers, dependent on theatre companies and festivals, knocked off a year during which they had to gain the required hours of work. The President wants to start a major campaign government orders designed primarily for young, up to 30 years, artists, actors, writers.However, the impression of the speech of Emmanuel Macron dual. No wonder loving Cree��iconsto the French are already saying that it is not with those he consulted, and not offers. Well, in fact, always apply the President’s Council to artists and performers to go into schools to work with children, use the opportunity “to make a revolution in access to culture and art”? Emmanuel macron urged to invent new forms appropriate to new conditions: “Nothing prevents us from inventing something else on a smaller scale, without an audience or with a small number of public”. Whatever turned these forms, while the attempts of museums and theatres to open for the duration of the quarantine network can hardly be called successful.For example, the Paris Opera, according to its Director Stefan Lissner, by the end of the year comes with a deficit of €40 million of Course, then you can gleefully recall the preceding months, the virus strikes, when Opera decided to support the workers, depriving their artists practice, spectators bought tickets, and the very famous institution — million dollar fees. But Lissner genuinely do not understand how to work the theatre to new sanitary conditions. “It is impossible to cancel the intermission, when Opera like “Tristan and Isolde” is five hours. Let 2700 spectators, keeping a distance is impossible. The distance in the orchestra, the choir — it is impossible,” he gets excited in an interview with France Inter.The paradox, first, that the popular and successful theatre or Museum, the sooner he had to close — and the later he can expect to open. Second, without an audience will not do. Very accurately put it in an open letter to President actress Isabelle Adjani: “the time has Come to declare States of emergency cultural situation, since culture is incompatible with social distance”. People will infect each other with viruses and not emotions. Fear of strangers, fear of crowds, all the psychological effects of quarantine imprisonment hit the culture as much as economic losses.