Emin told about the premiere and his first concert in the Internet

What is unusual and important for you, this concert is taking place in difficult times that the world faces?

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Emin: the Most important thing now is to support each other, and to us, artists, especially to be in touch with their listeners. And it is wonderful to have the opportunity to play concerts online and all of us to see and hear live. I sincerely hope that we will see in the regions of Russia and other countries. I, like all artists, had to cancel our upcoming tours. So I’m really looking forward to online statements.

two weeks online concerts have become commonplace, thanks to all the artists who found time for this. Analyzed the as built programme to those who spoke to you?

Emin: Everyone tries to please the audience is already well-known hits, as well as to present new products. We will go down the same path, but also will perform several duets with my friends artists – Grigory Viktorovich Leps and Jony. Now all artists are trying to your accounts or at other sites to act online is already cool and we are all United.

When you debuted, someone thought that in music there is a new Elvis Presley – lover sensuous ballads, some way inheriting classic rock-n-roll. Now you have become successful by quality pop and possible successor of his famous countryman of Muslim Magomayev. But your new hit “Fire” with Jony – in other rhythms. It was a one-off experiment or the start of your future program and a tribute to hip-hop?

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Emin: This song is an experiment. But he was winning, as our position in the charts. Yes, this style is not very usual for me. But I don’t want to stand still, experimenting, trying new things for the youth. In the near future I’ll get another fresh duet with the band Hammali & Navai, we’ll see how it will appreciate.

And in my program now, as always, mix. We have many romantic ballads, but there are English and dance songs. The music should be different to you or the audience wasn’t bored at the concert. Why didn’t we save the premiere to “the best time”? Not want to wait, if it is possible now to give the audience something new, especially in such a difficult time for everyone.

is it Easy to sing to an empty hall? Or sit in front of the stage someone close to people to turn first to them – it will be more familiar and easier?

Emin: Honestly, I can’t yet imagine. Such a statement I will be the first time – in an empty Studio. This, of course, difficult for any artist, as we interact with the audience, look into my eyes, see the emotions. Will just have to imagine all this. For the sake of our viewers we will try even through screens to convey atmosphere and emotion.

number of duets with other artists you today, perhaps, the leader. Although you have selected and rapper ST, thanks to his recent duet album…

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have you Noticed the results of the Grammy-2020, and the hit parade Billboard that duets today is particularly well perceived by the public? I believe that due to their friendliness, cooperation, community, because loneliness is now so very much.

Emin: I think the magic is that sometimes people don’t expect from certain artists, duets, and when they come out – it’s fresh and interesting. Duets allow you to expand your audience. And especially if you are friends, then why not release the song? In my case, always the case.

My duets with my friends, and only then they are good. Every one of them for me in its own special and important. For example, our song with Maxim Fadeev “My Azerbaijan”, or A”Studio “If you’re next” and Ani Lorak “I can’t tell you” and “Goodbye”… Video on the last of these songs on my YouTube channel – still the most popular.

How now changed your life: was it more free time and may have appeared new interests?

Emin: I was lucky that the Studio is in my house. Now the schedule was freer and I spend much time for creativity. Will soon introduce some new songs.

But the work didn’t become less, I’m on the phone and email 24 hours a week. In short, everything as usual… Although there is now the opportunity came and I started actively playing tennis