In 2022, the intensive care physician and author Doc Caro signed a contract with the broadcaster Sat.1. Together they set up the show “Doc Caro – Einsatz mit Herz”. After the cancellation of the show had been announced just a few days ago, Sat.1 quickly ended. Doc Caro switches to VOX.

The “best-known emergency doctor in Germany”, as the press release says, has found a new home with the RTL broadcaster VOX. There she will be seen in the future with a documentary series specially tailored to her, writes the RTL broadcasting group. “I am really looking forward to working with VOX and RTL Germany. Our common wish is to reach people’s hearts, get them excited about medicine and their health and give exciting insights into socially relevant medical topics.” How exactly the format looks and, above all, how it differs from the Sat.1 series should distinguish, VOX has not yet announced. In addition to her new, own format, the doctor should also be seen as an expert in various magazines of the broadcasting group. That would make her a prominent health expert in the RTL cosmos.

Doc Caro, who became known throughout Germany not only through the TV show, but above all through her books and her Instagram channel, is changing the station group just under a week after the official cancellation at Sat.1. It is not known why “Doc Caro – Einsatz mit Herz” was not extended. The ratings were good, but “there are good reasons for this that are not intended for the public,” said broadcaster spokesman Christoph Körfer to the DWDL industry service.

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