Let’s roll! This winter, too, many people are pursuing their passions of snowboarding and skiing. Safety is an important aspect because of the risk of falls and avalanches, for which Apple provides a digital tool with its smartwatch. But now there are increasing reports of false alarms that winter sports enthusiasts are said to have unintentionally triggered with the accident detection of the AppleWatch.

According to an article in the “New York Post”, many emergency call centers in the USA are currently being charged due to this disruption. The employees would have to invest a lot of time in processing the false alarms. The problem became apparent as early as November 2022 at the start of the new ski season. Now, however, the number of error detections seems to have increased significantly.

The reason for the false alarm can be sudden changes in speed and direction. Since the athletes do not notice the accident detection, the emergency call centers are automatically notified after a waiting period. According to the report, Apple has not yet taken any precautions against false alarms.

An employee of an emergency call center told the newspaper that three to five emergency calls are received a day, the majority of which are made unintentionally. The Greene County 911 dispatcher recorded a 22 percent increase in false calls and open lines in December 2022 compared to December 2021. It also found that roller coaster rides also triggered unintentional alarms.

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