“we Believe it is important to formulate new modalities of folding of the office of the High representative in BiH as the loss of a useful role and often becoming part of the problem, – said Russian diplomats. – For their part, emphasize our full support of the Dayton principles of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the equality of its three constituent peoples and two entities with broad constitutional powers. Wholeheartedly encourage mutually respectful dialogue between the peoples of BiH on all issues of importance to them, we believe the key solution to all problems faced by Bosnia and Herzegovina on the basis of compromise and consensus, encourage focus on a unifying agenda and to work towards establishing genuine national reconciliation, reject outside interference in the internal Affairs of BiH”.

At the Russian Embassy said that concern the development of the situation in the justice sector, particularly in the context of recent events in the Federation of BiH. “We consider unacceptable the attempts of political pressure on the judicial and prosecutorial authorities, which must be independent, impartial and professional activities in accordance with the law, noted the diplomats. – Cases of threats to the judiciary and the prosecutors should be taken very seriously and be the subject of immediate investigation. The independence and professionalism should be distinguished and the Central election Commission, whose role in the preparation and conduct of elections is the key. CEC cannot afford to be involved in political squabbles and to question its reputation as an impartial and unbiased institution of power. The upcoming municipal elections in BiH should be fair and democratic, to take place and then, as prescribed by the law.”

the Russian Embassy also drew attention to the fact that not considered possible to adhere to the adopted on Wednesday, June 3, our partners on the steering Committee of the Council for Peace implementation in BiH (RK PIC) communiqué. “Moreover, disagreed with him – said at the Russian Embassy. – Once again note with regret that the communiqué of Kazakhstan has become a political tool of one-sided reflection of reality, the desire to influence and, moreover, to interfere in the internal Affairs of a sovereign BiH to advance the agenda, not related to the implementation of the peace agreement and even to her contrary. Russian Federation as one of the guarantors of the peace agreement could not agree with this approach, which is obviously not conducive to the process of ethnic reconciliation has a negative impact on the political situ��tion in Bosnia and Herzegovina and continues to undermine the unity of the international community.”

meanwhile, in exclusive interview “RG”, Russian Ambassador to BiH Petr Ivantsov said that “the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina will change for the better then, when the right conditions are created, that all people feel the country as home, and were not under constant pressure only for the fact that you have your own opinion on a particular critical issue”. “Equality, mutual respect, dialogue, compromise and consensus – that is the “cure” for protracted political crisis, which consistently recommends that all Russia” – stated a senior diplomat.

Recall that, in accordance with the Dayton peace accords, BiH has a complex system of government, taking into account the interests of the three constituent peoples (Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks). It consists of two parts (entities) – the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Muslim-Croat) and the Republika Srpska. In fact, it is the Union of two independent territorial entities over which are the Council of Ministers and the presidency.