today is Peter Schmeichel and Ian Wright are good friends.

But since the 1990s, played, respectively, Manchester United and Arsenal, they had a strained relationship. For now, to say the least.

The two temperamental stars had some ferocious clashes undervej, and particularly one episode in 1997, stands as the symbol of hatred between the two.

Here stamped Ian Wright, Peter Schmeichel in a brutal show, when United and Arsenal met at Highbury.

But it is a situation which the englishman is ashamed of today.

“Addressing could all see. The whistle had sounded, and I stopped just not.”

“We ran both after the ball, I saw red and just jumps at the ball with two feet – they say it was addressing, which dishonoured the soccer ball.”

“When I look back on it now, it’s pretty embarrassing for me to see,” says Ian Wright in the Bbc podcast Match of The Day.

But in time the two former kamphaner then got ridden the threads out, and in the day laughing at the many quarrels they had on the pitch.

“We get on well together, play golf together and laugh the clashes we had,” says Ian Wright and continues:

“When we talk about it now, me and Schmeichel, so we are talking about how much I hated him as a goalkeeper.”

“I knew how good he was, and how difficult it was to score against him. The only goal I ever scored against him was in the friendlies,” said Ian Wright in the podcast.