as For the German, Emanuel Buchmann the Tour de France this summer, to continue and, if necessary, without the audience. That will tell the climber to reach BORA-bath, in the prior-year fourth in the Tour, which is in the Sports Picture. “Without the fans, it is still better than nothing,” he says.

as of Or after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and the Olympic Games, the Tour de france and stay there for the corona virus, it is still not clear. Organizer ASO will remain for the time being, i.e., on the first day of the 27th of June. The minister for Sport, Roxana Maracineanu took his place behind the Tourdirectie, and a strong case last week for a Tour and behind-closed-doors.

Also, Emanuel Buchmann and can agree to it. “Of course, it won’t be the same Tour. The sport lives through emotions and their supporters. But you have to admit that the Tour is very much dependent on it: that we, the riders, the teams and the tv stations. We are all very motivated for the Tour, whether with or without spectators is taking place. Without the fans, it is still better than nothing.”

Like football

And he signed up Things to Think, shares that view. “In football, are games, behind-closed-doors account. Why do you think that as a back up will not be able to get the Tour?”

Heavy fines for supporters to keep the riders in order to encourage along the way or at the starting or arrival places. “If you visit the Tour and you’ll, for example, 20,000 to the price, we believe you for a second time, or you are not, perhaps, to the riders on tv,” he concluded.
Men Think (to the left), is the fact that the Tour de France will simply have to go on. (Photo: Photo News and More about Emanuel Buchmann Buchmann, book, first seizoenszege for-Bars-bath in the Challenge Mallorca, the Adieu of the Tour de France: what will this summer have in the wieleragenda? POLL. Who will win the Tour de France? Emanuel Buchmann, ” seize the power, in was the Round of the Basque country