How critical was Lisa Marie Presley’s condition really? The singer’s death came as a surprise to the public, a few days before her death she was still seen at the “Golden Globes” awards. But exactly such events should have been the reason why things were not good for the singer in her last few weeks.

According to the portal “TMZ”, Presley is said to have lost “40 to 50” pounds shortly before her death, which corresponds to the equivalent of 19 to 22 kilos. Two months before the “Golden Globes” she underwent cosmetic surgery and an “extreme weight diet”.

The cause? Elvis Presley’s daughter wanted to look “your best” at awards shows and public events. There should also be talk of an addiction to painkillers. In reporting, the tabloid news website referred to family sources.

On January 12, Lisa Marie Presley died after suffering a double cardiac arrest at West Hills Hospital in Los Angeles. Her family had the devices turned off when she was pronounced brain dead. In addition to the rumors surrounding the singer’s death, there is also Zist on another level: According to CNN, Lisa’s mother Priscilla Presley now wants to take action against the will. That was changed in 2016.

Is there something wrong with the will of the recently deceased Lisa Marie Presley? At least her mother Priscilla Presley seems to be convinced of that. The 77-year-old should therefore challenge the last will.

It’s been a little over two weeks since Lisa Marie Presley passed away unexpectedly. For mother Priscilla Presley, this is a “dark journey”.

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