Agrawal was criticized for saying that Twitter’s role is “not to be bound” by the First Amendment

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, took aim at Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s new CEO, on Wednesday. He tweeted a meme that depicted the executive as Stalin and Jack Dorsey as Nikolay Yezhov (a Stalin associate who was assassinated by him).

Musk’s tweet is coming as Agrawal faces criticism for his previous comment, in which he stated that the role of social media giants “not to be bound” by the First Amendment. Agrawal also tweeted that he was not going to make a distinction between extremists and muslims. “ Later, he sent a reply tweet claiming that he was simply quoting Asif Mandvi of “The Daily Show”.

It comes also after Jason Miller, former Trump advisor and CEO of conservative social platform GETTR, expressed concern about the possibility that Twitter would be subject to “censorship & discrimination” under Agrawal’s leadership.

Dorsey said that Agrawal, Twitter’s former chief technology officer, was his choice for his successor “for some time due to how deeply he knows the company and its requirements.” Agrawal was also quoted as having been “a key decision maker in every major turnaround of this company.”

“I want everyone to know that this decision was mine and that I own it. This was a difficult decision for me. This service and company are my favorite. Thank you to everyone. “I’m very sad, but I’m so happy!” Dorsey’s email ended. “There aren’t many companies that reach this level. There are few founders who choose their company over their personal ego. We’ll show that this was the right decision, I know.”

Agrawal stated in a long statement to employees that it was an honor and a humble honor to be in this role. He also expressed gratitude for Dorsey’s friendship, leadership and mentorship.

“Our purpose is more important than ever. Our culture and people are unmatched anywhere else in the world. He said that there is no limit to the possibilities we have together. “We have recently revised our strategy in order to achieve ambitious goals. I believe that this strategy is bold and right.” Our challenge lies in how we execute it against and produce results. That’s how Twitter will be the best it can possibly be for customers, shareholders, as well as for you.

He is the Twitter CEO and also serves as the CEO of Block, an online financial payments company. There have been questions raised about Dorsey’s ability to focus on the issues facing Twitter while juggling his duties at both companies. Paul Singer, a billionaire investor and Elliott Management, launched a campaign to remove Dorsey. Later , the Twitter board committee that was overseeing the review recommended that Dorsey remain in his role.

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Although Dorsey will be stepping down as CEO, he will still serve on Twitter’s board of directors until the 2022 meeting for stockholders.