Elon Musk has shared his secrets of success

Photo: TASS/AP

the founder of the American companies Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk has shared the secrets of success in business, reports Inc.

“You have to accept the fact that I can be wrong, and to set a goal – less to go wrong,” said Musk.

in addition, he said that to face challenges even in the most successful case. And to minimize the consequences of trouble, in his opinion, it is important to follow three principles:

Find and use all opportunities to become better competitors.To rely only on fair criticism, which is to look at the closest people that know you well.To surround himself with more competent people that will help you to develop.
Earlier it was reported that millionaire Elon Musk called the tragedy of super-heavy missiles SLS that NASA is developing for missions to the moon. He noted that the problem lies in the absence of reusable elements.

Elon Musk promises to send to Mars million people by 2050

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