The owner of Tesla Elon Musk on his Twitter page, said he intends to sell all his possessions. The reason that the famous American entrepreneur decided to take this step are not yet known.

The tweet was published on the evening of 1 may. And in just a few hours after the publication scored more than 115 thousand likes and more than 12 thousand retweets.

“to Sell all his possessions. I won’t be home anymore,” wrote Musk.

It is noteworthy shortly before the strange message, the businessman said he believes the inflated price of Tesla shares. Journalists I wonder what it all could mean.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the media said that Elon Musk was the lover of Hollywood actress amber heard during a period when she was the wife of the actor johnny Depp. The truth came to light thanks to the images published by an unknown user on the Network.