starred in “Grey’s Anatomy,” for 16 years as Dr. Meredith Grey, believes it’s time to end the show.

Pompeo said to Insider that he had been trying to convince everyone that the war should end.

The “Grey’s” star stated that she hasn’t had any luck. Many fans still love the show, which debuted in March 2005.

ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”, Season Eighteen

Ellen Pompeo is the Dr. Meredith Grey character on “Grey’s Anatomy” from 2005 to present. Liliane Lathan / ABC via Getty Images

She said, “I feel like a super naive person who keeps saying, ‘But what’s our story going to to be, and what story are you going to tell?’” “And everyone’s like, ‘Who cares, Ellen? It’s worth a gazillion dollars.

Pompeo considered leaving the series in October 2020 after 17 seasons. She was close to ending her contract with ABC and felt that the popular medical drama had ended its days.

Variety reported that she said at the time, “We don’t know when it will end yet.” “But the truth of it is, this year could be its end.”

Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Grey’s Anatomy,” also mentioned that she may not be interested to continue the show if Pompeo leaves.

She said, “I don’t take the decision lightly.” “We have a large workforce and a great platform. It’s a great platform, and I’m grateful.”

Ellen Pompeo (second from the left) is pictured with her co-stars as well as the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy. “Frank Ockenfels / Disney General Entertainment Con

Although Pompeo was unsure about the longevity and viability of “Grey’s Anatomy”, she renewed her ABC contract in May to continue playing Dr. Meredith Grey at least for another season.

This news was a big hit with fans, and Pompeo, who is also a series producer, decided to improve the show.

Variety was told by her that the show’s core brings people together. “The fact that people can watch the show together, and think about topics they might not normally consider, or see things normalized, humanized, in a way that many people really need — it helps you become better human beings.” I would love to be a part of the legacy that this show has made anyone a better person.