Elizabeth II is celebrating his 94 birthday

Queen Elizabeth II marks the 94th year. Usually she celebrates her birthday modestly, in the family circle – the lush festivities on this occasion are only at the beginning of the summer. Today, however, Her Majesty will spend the day modest in isolation, accepting the congratulations via video.

And then – not all, but only from the relatives, who, because of quarantine measures will not be able to see the Queen that day. They will contact her with the help of a program Zoom, where, according to the newspaper the Sun, they will have a real "virtual party". Next to Elizabeth is only her 98-year-old husband, with whom they are "locked" in quarantine at Windsor castle.

This day will become in every sense an unprecedented for Britain. Coronavirus has forced the Queen to give up the festive artillery volleys that rattled in London every April 21 for 68 years of her reign. She considered them irrelevant in the face of a raging pandemic. Besides, this day on all government buildings are usually raised the British flag, but this time Her Majesty ordered to abandon this formality, if it cannot be enforced without violating the recommended distance.

Recall that in the UK, the birthday of the monarch is celebrated twice: on the day of birth of the ruler in the first, second or even third Saturday of June (the so-called official birthday). It’s official birthday is marked by lush festivities and parade. Tradition to share this solemn date two was born in Britain in 1748, when king George II decided to postpone the parade in honor of his birthday because of… the weather. Monarch was born in November and did not want to "freeze" participants in the festivities. Since then the birthday of British kings and Queens traditionally celebrated in the warmer time of the year, in late may or early June – then certainly the weather will not regret it.