the election winner: Green party leader Regula Rytz (57) and GLP-chief Jürg Large (50). The two will see on Monday when an Interview with a VIEW for the first Time since the Triumph at the ballot box. Both are visually managed. “Yesterday I fell asleep on the tables with the results,” says Large. Rytz told that you’ve made a few gymnastic exercises, in order to LOOK fit again. Meetings, Interviews, phone calls: The two politicians chase from appointment to appointment.

It is great! I’m still working to get an Overview. It is the biggest shift since the introduction of the proportional election is finally right. We are overwhelmed by this Dimension.

not at All. I am pleased with our result. Yesterday we had a big green liberal day. Of course, the joy is even bigger because another party was with the same Central concern successfully. But there is absolutely zero envy, but delighted that we can now implement an effective climate protection.

Large: The elections are over. It is time for cooperation. Because it is always good if they are willing to each other.
Rytz: We make now on climate policy nails with heads. I have suggested that all party leaders sit down with Climate scientists to not listen to the 1:1 of them, what is at stake when we come fast enough forward. We must recognise the urgency of the Situation. The people on the streets and at the ballot box, expect that we will act rapidly and consistently. There are different paths that lead to the goal. It is clear that We need effective measures, which are also socially acceptable. The CO2 act that needs to be improved in this sense.

I see the basically the same as Ms. Rytz. Climate protection must be more ambitious. However, it is important that we remain able to compromise. It is in need of solutions for our country. And these solutions need to have at the end of the stock before the people.

It is always better to work with incentives. But if it is not possible, one must adopt certain prohibitions. It is proved that sometimes the bans – I think for example of the catalyst is mandatory to be successful. Also limits need to – take the water pollution. As the Situation used to be the sky is sad, today the quality of drinking water is of concern because of pesticide exposure.

I reckon that she keeps her word. We need a catchier CO2-law.

I think it’s wrong to associate the Federal Council subject to the CO2-law. The Federal Council the question is less a matter of negotiation, but a mandate from the electorate.

as of yesterday, our political landscape is a different. The four largest parties, the Federal Council, does not have the votes even more than 70 percent of the voters. You should now just move on to the next item.

The big shift from Sunday arouses great expectations. If it would run normally, would now be elected by the population, the Parliament, and the Parliament would be composed of the Federal Council to the voters will.

Layer. The Problem is that you can replace while the legislature, the members of the. The have made with the FDP and the CVP last year, the same two parties. The liberals have robbed the people, with their ballot, the composition of the state government to help shape. This is pure power politics.

The population of the Parliament of the centre-right to centre-left switched. It was a direction choice. Never a party was strengthened as the Green this Sunday. This must be reflected also in the government. We are now looking for the conversation with the other parties.
Large: We are very discussion, and I expect that the other parties involved in a discussion. Maybe we could find a good solution.

I hope that the intimate conversation are ready. We, as GLP themselves do not claim to be a Federal Council, but our population has earned a concordance, which is this name.

So far, I’m not going. It depends on the constellation of the members and on the course of the discussions.

I’m starting now, to talk about possible candidates. It’s about our democracy. The voters today have done zero influence on the composition of the Bundesrat can be what it wants to. It can’t be. Predictable resignations should be made on the end of the legislature.
Large: that bothers Me also. The current System is sluggish and outdated. In today’s time that is changing incredibly fast, it would take a more flexible and modern System. It needs to have a concordance that maps the Voters ‘ wishes in the government.
Rytz : We are in need of the Federal Council parties, the confession: There is a new magic formula need now. Specifically, the two strongest parties to be represented with two Seats and three seats. It is not the voters job, if we are excluded from the government’s responsibility.

Regula Rytz

Regula Rytz (57) since 2012 at the helm of the Green. Previously, the trained teacher, who lives with her Partner in Bern, in the Bernese city government. With a plus of 17 the national Council, she was able to celebrate sitting on Sunday in a historic election victory, not only for the Green. Because so many seats is not a party caught up.

Jürg Grossen

Jürg Large (50) occurred in the summer of 2017, the successor of Martin Bäumle (55) as a GLP-President. The Frutiger leads in addition to his political office is a electrical design company. He is married and has three children. With a plus of 9 Seats, the GLP was able to double their number of seats in the national Assembly more than.