The election chaos in Berlin apparently has far-reaching consequences. If the Election Review Committee has its way, the Bundestag election should be repeated in all twelve districts.

After the chaos in the Bundestag elections in Berlin, the election is to be repeated in around 400 electoral districts. According to “Spiegel” information, the SPD, Greens and FDP initiated the development of a corresponding recommendation for a resolution in the election examination committee.

New elections could therefore take place in around 400 of the 2,300 constituencies. According to committee chairman Fechner, the final decision is expected to be made in October.

The elections in Berlin were marked by numerous mishaps and problems. This included long queues, some of the Berliners cast their votes until 8 p.m. – after waiting for more than two hours. The reason was apparently missing ballot papers. The problem with it: At 6 p.m. the first forecasts of the final result came, according to which the SPD and the Greens were close together.

“If numerous voters are still queuing at the polling station while the first forecasts are on the screen, the election is no longer protected from interference,” criticized CDU General Secretary Stefan Evers at the time.