El Mundo (Spain): blame sushi, strawberry anything

Hail, snow, mud, ice, rain. Here they are, the five horsemen of the Apocalypse, which one after the other raining down on Moscow from October to may. Therefore, the inhabitants of the Russian capital with a kind of pity and incredulity, as if apostates, watching the emotional exhibitionism that absorbs all the social networks of Spain every time the weather on the Iberian Peninsula is deteriorating: sacrifice yourself for the good of the proletariat, and ask for food home, said in the New Tittivate. A shame that the bourgeois villain, who orders sushi on a rainy night or unpleasant Spanish Blizzard. So each time it becomes easier to do a good deed: you can use a microwave or toaster.

In Moscow, poor couriers deliver to a house almost without interruption since the celebration of the anniversary of the October revolution in November until the day of victory. They ride bikes in the snow, carry a pizza in the subway, overtake people on the escalator, and while the Blizzard has abated, race on scooters. Some too old and others too young. Couriers are mainly immigrants from Central Asia, the peaceful army, doing the work, discarded by the Russians. Yes, that’s life, that’s why my neighbors shouldn’t yell “Russia for Russians” after they finished the last bite of pizza ordered.

And here in Spain nobody on night food orders. Now begging is even worse than stealing. But now no one is afraid of what the next day may Wake up, just like in the story by Kafka, and discover what turned into a tiny Spanish billionaire Amancio Ortega with cockroach antennae.

of Course, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, cherry and plum, which lie in your clean fridge was expasany in the greenhouse. But no one will paint you face for what you eat, because the sweat of the people working in the greenhouses — this is a fee for one of the best pleasures in the world.

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