The presenter of the first channel Ekaterina Andreeva commented on her departure to Istanbul. According to her, she left Russia on vacation. This is reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In her social networks, the presenter announced that she had flown to Turkey for a vacation and would soon return back to Russia. “I will bring the energy of the city of the five prophets to Moscow,” she wrote.

Sobchak announced Andreeva’s departure to Istanbul

In addition, Andreeva spoke in more detail about her plans for the rest of her vacation.

“My path lies further, to the border of Syria, to the legendary city of Urfa, the city of the five prophets, where Abraham also lived. This is a place of power, and I want to feed off this power,” the TV presenter said.

Andreeva’s departure from Russia was acutely perceived online. The subscribers of the presenter considered that Ekaterina emigrated to Turkey because of the situation in the country.

Journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak also did not stand aside and directly asked Andreeva about the purpose of leaving Russia.

“But the presenter of Channel One Ekaterina Andreeva flew to Istanbul on an Aeroflot flight. Istanbul is a beautiful city, everyone has the right to rest. But I have a question,” Sobchak wrote.