The Serenade 30. Birthday heard Timmy Chandler yesterday on his balcony. The whole family sang in the street below. Because the Corona quarantine of the professionals ends in two days on Wednesday.

Then the wings Speedster can do the shopping for the elderly lady, who lives in the house above him – as he had promised.

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Chandler is a Good-mood person. He uses the time at home with his wife Nina and Baby Hailey Hope: “I can put my daughter to sleep, build a Playground on the balcony. That’s the beauty of the thing.“

But the bad news get to him. The former U.S. national team player: “I’m amazed at how quick the USA is to come in the list of the Infected in the first place. Maybe you have underestimated it. It’s all a mess completely… I hope you get a handle on it.“