Some of the embarrassments of the Frankfurt mayor at the Eintracht Cup celebration are already known. But now Eintracht Frankfurt President Peter Fischer is divulging another mishap.

Fiasco celebration: At Frankfurt’s European Cup celebration, the mayor Peter Feldmann allows himself some embarrassment. Now Eintracht President Peter Fischer also comments on the fiasco celebration and admits: “It was all strange.” Because: At the balcony reception, the mayor, among other things, prohibited the assistant coaches from accessing the balcony.

‘Otherwise we’re gone’: In an interview with “Bild”, Peter Fischer confirmed that he then took the mayor aside and said: “Are you serious? The assistant coaches can also do it, otherwise the players will be gone in less than a minute.” Fischer also admits that he “was not satisfied” with how the town hall “dealt with the occasion.”

Not an isolated case: the refusal of the assistant coaches to access the balcony is not the only embarrassment of the mayor at the European Cup celebrations. At the town hall reception, the mayor snatched the trophy from Eintracht captain Sebastian Rode and Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner.

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