The tank discount has somewhat dampened the maximum prices at the petrol pump, but is not fully received by the end customer. A comparison portal has now determined which chains are currently calling for the highest and which the lowest prices.

The more unknown the name, the cheaper it is – this is how you could summarize the result of the June evaluation of the “More Tanken” portal. The comparison portal of the magazine “Auto Motor

These are the results – they refer to the normal premium petrol E5:

The comparison also shows regional differences. “As has been the case for months, drivers in Constance, Trier, Garbsen, Neumünster, Dormagen and Göttingen have to pay by far the most. Drivers fill up their tanks cheapest in Chemnitz,” writes the “Auto Motor

On average, gas stations change their prices 41 times a day. However, according to the data analysis, the amount of the surcharges has decreased. “The tariffs for E5 and E10 fluctuate on average by 5 to 10 cents a day. The price fluctuations for diesel between 9 and 13 cents over the course of the day are significantly greater. However, the fluctuations in May were much larger, when diesel prices varied by up to 22 cents a day,” according to “Auto Motor