in Spite of his ankle injury, believes Eden Hazard is that he is in the CHAMPIONSHIP, it would have to be met. The tournament is a year-has been postponed, the Red Devil, is a pity, but understandable. “I’m going to do everything possible to be at the top of the class, back there,” he says from within the quarantine area.

you can Even Eden Hazard has not escaped the coronadreiging. The virus is found in Madrid and in the rest of italy. The Red Devil, it must keep, together with his wife and four children. “Of course, I am also sometimes afraid of getting infected,” he said on TELEVISION. “But there’s no-one out there, and there is no one else. And if I do get infected, then there are plenty of people who will be able to help you. I was afraid of, especially for the weakest members of society.”

Home to restore the Switch from an operation on his ankle. Doubts were raised whether the CHAMPIONSHIP would take. That question is void now that the tournament has been postponed, but the Red Devil will be happy to have another look in a minute. “Some people may think or write, I believe that I have at the time, it would have been great. I would take the rhythm to have missed it, but it’s not a big problem.”

the Thing is, he’s deferral to the following summer. “To my room, it is, of course, well, that’s what I was calmer it can recover and do not necessarily have to be completed at the beginning of June. In fact, it is the only right way to proceed. At the moment the priority is the health of all people. There are more important things than football.”

Additional experience:

as fans and analysts believe that the Belgian defense, next year it might be just a little too old, it will be. What about the captain? “Everyone is a year older,” he laughs. “You know, I do not consider this as a bad thing. Some extra experience is always welcome. The players who are going to have all the top pros, and take care of themselves very well. I have all the trust in the future.”

you can be Pleased with his first season at Real Madrid, you can Switch to be difficult. “I’ve got a bit of misfortune had, but you will not be charged at this season. The people are allowed me to evaluate my season. I’ve got a four-year contract with Real, and will do all they can to get me out of here, to show you.”

for More about Eden Hazard is No match in the 1A, 3 april, at the event of the year at 1B, not Ghent-Wevelgem,… how the sports world is suddenly in ruins is Not Manchester City, Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois and co. are quarantined after a basket ball player, positive tests for corona and Zidane is about as injury to Eden Hazard, who himself is in the US, former assistant coach, and Thierry Henry will bump into Surgery, Eden Hazard has been passed, is still not entirely clear on rehabilitation