According to the municipality started the construction of the cottage in the summer of 2015. Owner Harald Svendsen worked as byggesaksleder, but sought never asked for permission.

the Cottage is located a little more than 30 metres from the beach and includes a living room, kitchen and bathroom. This is clearly søknadspliktig, believes the municipality. The son of Svendsen, who currently own the cabin, believe it is wrong.

Through his attorney, he claims in a letter to the municipality that the building was exempt søknadsplikt. In the letter, they show that the cabin was set up without kitchen and bathroom, and that was the law in accordance with the then current reguleringsplanen.

Previous byggesaksleder Harald Svendsen is one of several that is being investigated for possible corruption in the municipality. He has rejected all accusations.

images Were taken of the entry

the Municipality writes in its submission that the owner cannot document that the cabin was set up legally. In the case documents is the private photos. Where one sees that the plattingen is molded with solutions for water and sewage. (See facsimile.)

This foundation was set up illegally, according to the municipality.

Photo: a Facsimile from the municipality’s documents

Kommunedirektøren recommended, therefore, that the cabin would be removed, and that the area is set in the condition it was before the cabin was built. In addition, the desired the administration to provide hytteeieren a period of 8 weeks, with notification of a fine of 20 000 plus 1 000 for each day that goes by after this.

the Politicians in the færder formally has been highly disagree about the matter. Among other things, has several of the representatives have been clear that this has been going too far. Nevertheless, it was Wednesday, a clear majority to demolish the cabin.

– We are going to appeal the decision, says lawyer Anne Tellefsen. Together with hytteeieren she believes that there is no legal basis for this.

Thus do the politicians deal with the matter again. If they maintain their decision, it is the county that decides the case.

Under investigation

The former byggesakslederen has been in rough weather before. Today he is under investigation. Together with an architect and another former byggesaksleder he is investigated for possible corruption and misconduct in the Tjøme municipality.

Svendsen and the others have all the time rejected that they have done something wrong. Økokrim has still not decided if any to be addressed in the case.

in the Fall of 2017, wrote Tønsbergs Blad and the NRK several cases together. Among other things, it was revealed that Harald Svendsen built both a house and a cottage for private clients while he led the byggesaksavdelingen the municipality.

NRK have today tried to get in contact with Harald Svendsen, without success.