In the case of the burning batteries of electric cars, the fire is almost impossible to delete. “The battery supplies the oxygen for the fire. This so-called thermal lets go don’t stop,” says Marcel Held, battery expert at the material research Institute Empa. An E-car in an underground garage or a garage fire, the fire brigade is faced with major problems.

“We have advised the competent Authorities on the issue. In the case of charging stations in garages and Parking halls of the preventive fire should be adapted protection,” says Urs baechtold from the Swiss fire brigade Association.

danger behind the budget outlet

While the monitored current, voltage and temperature of the battery in modern electric cars permanently. If the temperature increases during the charging process is too strong, is throttled to the load automatically, or interrupted. However, a Defect of the electronics can lead to a fire. To load even on an ordinary household outlet, can be dangerous. Because it flows during a very long time, a large amount of power. In this case, heat, which can lead to a short circuit with Fire effect.

The head of the company, e-mobile, Claudio Pfister, refers to the statistics: “electric cars have to burn a solid smaller probability than vehicles with internal combustion engines.”

fires in the case of engines

According to data from the American manufacturer Tesla, there were five fires per 2.6 billion miles of driving performance. In the case of Burners, the number was ten times as high.

The firefighters poking at the fire protection provisions to the competent Cantonal fire insurance Association (VKF) on deaf ears. “At the Moment, we assume that electric vehicles have a larger danger than of vehicles with internal combustion engine and the corresponding fuel tank,” says Michael Binz of the VKF. The arrangements would be reviewed periodically and in the upcoming Revision to the year 2026 re-evaluated.

article from the “observer”

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