Dynamo in the Corona-stranglehold! For Ondrej Petrak (28) a very special challenge: He is the first professional Black and Yellow, sitting in quarantine!

Although is not infected, the defensive midfielder with the Corona Virus. But, like all Czechs, he, too, had to be at the point of entry to his home country for safety for the two weeks of in-home insulation.

A week Petrak with his parents in Prague has now “served”. He admits: “It is really awfully boring!”

Also in the implementation of the Dynamo weekly updated training plans, Improvisation is asked for. Petrak: “If Jogging is on the agenda, I’m going off on my Bicycle-Ergometer and ride the time.” Usually around 40 minutes a day.

If he can in the next week out, waiting for the next challenge: “We must leave the house only with a protective mask.” He has created a stock.

Jogging may not be so pleasant. “But the main thing is again, out in the fresh air,” says Petrak.