One of the most important things to look for when buying a new down comforter is the size of the comforter. You can only snuggle up under your blanket and feel completely safe if the blanket is the right size. Here you will find tips on how to find the blanket size that suits you and your individual needs.

Finally going to bed after a long and strenuous day, covering yourself with a high-quality down comforter and making yourself really comfortable – this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful moments of well-being. In order for this wish to actually come true, when buying duvets you should not only pay attention to the filling and a chic cover, but also choose the right size. After all, even if you pull the blanket up to your chin, your feet must be reliably protected from drafts. Our usual standard duvet dimensions limit the choice somewhat, but there are still a few factors that you should consider when choosing the right standard duvet.

Do you love sleeping as a couple under one blanket? Then you should know that a duvet for 2 people must be chosen with special care. After all, the restful sleep of two people depends on the right decision.

What is considered normal duvet size varies from region to region. In Germany, dimensions of 135 x 200 cm are considered the standard size of a duvet. In other countries, other dimensions of the duvet are considered standard dimensions.

Always consider the dimensions of the duvet and the size of the people sleeping. The following size table applies to our widths.

When buying duvets, you should also make sure that the size of the mattress and duvet size harmonize. This means that if the mattress is a normal size, for example, your duvet should also be a normal size. Otherwise you would feel a bit lost on a very wide and long mattress. On the other hand, with a 2-person size duvet on the regular-size mattress, it would get pretty tight. Duvets should be about 50 cm wider than the mattress. They overhang a little on the sides and you are reliably protected from the ingress of cool drafts.

Warmly wrapped in lightness and at the right temperature – with the federiko duvet you are well equipped in cold winter or warm summer nights. The 35 individual compartments of the cassette quilting prevent the filling made of 90 percent down and 10 percent Class I feathers from certified German companies from slipping. Here, too, the outer shell is made of 100 percent cotton and has not been bleached for the sake of the environment. The noble, white decorative cord gives the blanket an elegant touch.

The practical all-season quilt was created for everyone who likes to keep it simple and doesn’t want to change their quilt depending on the season. If you like it particularly warm in bed, we recommend the cuddly warm variant and with the airy, lightly filled summer variant you sleep perfectly air-conditioned even on warm nights. All three duvets are available in the standard size 135×200 cm and in the oversize 155×220 cm. Choose your favourite!

Duvets in the normal size (135 x 200 cm) are recommended for people who reach a maximum height of 1.80 m. If you are taller, we recommend duvets with a length of at least 220 cm.

Rule of thumb for normal duvet size:

Minimum length of duvets = height 20cm

Minimum width of duvets = width of mattress 50 cm or body circumference 40 cm

Examples: How to find the duvet dimensions that are optimal for you:

A duvet with a standard size of 135 x 200 cm is recommended for women and men with a normal build and a body length of up to 1.80 m.

The stronger you are built, the taller you have grown and the greater your need for warmth, the larger your blanket should be.

If you are looking for a large duvet for 2 people, base your selection on the needs of the larger person. For men and women who are very tall, a custom-made product is sometimes recommended.

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