Durov the world will never be the same

The founder of the messenger Telegram and the Creator of a social network “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov said that the world after a pandemic coronavirus never be the same. He wrote about this in Telegram channel.

The entrepreneur has considered the spread of the coronavirus “a threat to our kind”, predicting the world “civilizational shift, passing through the generations”. “It depends on us whether the new world that is soon to be born, a better place than the one we left behind,” — explained Durov.

He urged the citizens who are in isolation, use the time to good use and create “the best version of yourself.” According to him, currently, technology has the opportunity to prove its relevance and value.

In January, Durov told about why use WhatsApp messenger is dangerous. He noted that users there prefer to keep backup copies of your correspondences to cloud storage, which in this case is not encrypted. Also hazards can be backdoors intentionally built in by the developers of secret vulnerability.

According to the Johns Hopkins University on April 2, in the world, over 2.5 million are infected with coronavirus, of which 177 thousand died, more than 681 thousand cured. Antiliderami on the situation with coronavirus remain in the United States, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. In Russia there are more than 50 thousand infected.