The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov said on Wednesday that the threat of the us authorities to block Chinese app TikTok on its territory sets a dangerous precedent. A message he posted on his blog at the Telegram.

"I can understand why the US government threatens to ban TikTok, if his assets in the US will not be sold to American investors", – wrote Durov. According to him, such actions of Washington justified, as Beijing "prohibits almost any non-Chinese social networks on its territory". "If you want [to] access the markets of other countries, you must also open its market for them – it would be honest", – said the founder of Telegram.

"However, the US actions against TikTok set a dangerous precedent which could ultimately destroy the Internet as a truly global network (or what was left of it)" – continued the Durov. According to him, previously "only authoritarian country" engaged "bullying technology companies", forcing them to sell their assets to investors close to the government.

"the Problem of the case of the US and TikTok that it legitimizes rent-seeking tactics, which previously enjoyed only by authoritarian regimes. For many decades the US was perceived as a defender of free trade and freedom of expression. Now, when China began to take their place as the main beneficiary of world trade, the United States (or, at least, the administration [of US President Donald] trump) appear to be losing enthusiasm for its values", – says Durov.

"Soon every large country is likely to use a "national security" as a pretext for splitting international technology companies, has concluded the Creator of the messenger. And, ironically, it is US companies such as Facebook or Google will probably lose the most from the consequences of [such steps]".

3 Aug trump said that us, Microsoft or another US company needs to conclude the acquisition of TikTok before September 15, otherwise the social network will be prohibited on the territory of the United States. Fears of the United States administration in relation to the social network associated with the claims that the propaganda and transmits user data to the Chinese authorities.