a Catastrophic flood, neistovaya in the Western regions of Ukraine since June 23, has had a negative impact on the health of the first person in the state. And all because the protection of the President is not prepared properly for the visit of Vladimir Zelensky podtopleny Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Arriving by helicopter from Kiev, Zelensky sat in the SUV and moved in the direction of the village Lanchyn one of the most affected due to large-scale mining and flooding of settlements. Upon arrival to the waiting crowd of villagers, Vladimir expressed a desire to walk by residue washed away by the elements of the houses. And then it turned out that without rubber boots it can be done.

– the Chobot! The Chobot! – shouted one of the guards Zelensky. – Choboty President!

One of the locals instantly noticed: he threw off his boots, gave it to the guard and he ran with them to the high-ranking guest. Carpathian journalists who observed characteristic scene, for some reason has not attended one, what was the man, helping Zelensky, to be barefoot. Cameramen from the presidential pool on purpose a few times picking the camera up on boots Zelensky, who was clearly not in his size. Apparently, to emphasize the closeness of the Ukrainian President to the common people.

Bloggers answered a lot of memes on the subject: “the Boots of the President!”. One of them, under the name “Dopies Zelensky” quipped about the planned for the next day visit of Vladimir Zelensky in the Kherson region. The rest of the countrymen of the President of Ukraine is concerned by the sores, which could pick up Zelensky of wearing someone else’s shoes. It could be lichen planus, and psoriasis, and eczema, and onychomycosis.

Carelessness bodyguards Zelensky can be justified, except that pre-flight in the Carpathian two-week self-isolation of the protected person. As have informed “MK”, cancel all previously scheduled meetings and negotiations of President of Ukraine was caused by serious illness Elena Zelensky. About the present First lady as official media do not report.