During the four years of the great Patriotic postmen delivered 10.7 billion letters

Ten billion seven hundred million!

In the war took up the pen, even those who have never held the hand tool is lighter than an axe. For severely wounded wrote to the neighbours in the hospital ward. For illiterate grandmothers – grandchildren. The country has become a vast field post offices on every street and addressees in every heart.

Photo: RIA Novosti

“Motya on a brush meat you wrote it is better to be ourselves than to sell,” letters from the front passed military censorship, but there hasn’t been proofread. Unsophisticated and Pestryaev stitching error corrected Time. And they were the most sincere documents of the era. Because there is a higher justice in the fact that the lines from the letters Mote, Matrona Maksimovna Orlova from her husband, a red army soldier Ivan Philipovich knocked on the marble memorial in the town of Myshkin.

Ten billion seven hundred million letters of the war. Go up this triangular wedge in the sky in the sky there would be no clearance.


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