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From ongoing in America, protests against racism, in many cities began to demolish the monuments to the leaders who fought during the Civil war on the side of the slave South.

So, the Advisory Commission on historic sites Kentucky on Friday, June 12, voted to remove from the Capitol the statues of Jefferson Davis, which was the first and only President of the Confederate States of America.

the dismantling of the monument, workers found hidden in the base artifacts — a bottle of whiskey, Glenmore Kentucky 1936 and the issue of the newspaper State Journal from 20 October of the same year (released on the day of the monument), writes the New York Post.

Workers Find Artifacts While Removing the Jefferson Davis Statue in Kentucky via @BreitbartNews

the Bottle was empty. And who left a “message to posterity”, remains a mystery.

it is Reported that the statue of Davis to be transferred to the state Park at his birthplace in Fairview, Kentucky. ? Removal of Jefferson Davis statue in Kentucky bourbon reveals surprise discovery <<< CLICK???