The world championship of snooker, it was because of the coronapandemie had been canceled, but the snookerfans do not would like to stay that way. On Saturday, the 18th of april until Monday the 4th of may, the dates of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS is to take place, the BBC is every day is a good way to-year-history of broadcasting.

the World of snooker and hopes for the world cup in the summer and as yet no audience to be able to allow them to continue. This was certainly the Crucible Theatre is booked from the 25th July until the 10th of August, the period in which the first Olympic Games would take place.

the world cup classics at the BBC:

on Saturday 18 april, 16: 00 (Belgian time): Steve Davis, Tony Knowles, 1982, as the first round.

on Sunday, the 19th of april (15.00): Ray Reardon-Alex Higgins – 1982 final).

on Monday the 20th of april (15.00) Steve Davis, Jimmy White in 1984, final.

on Tuesday 21 april, 15.00): Neil Robertson-Mark Selby – 2014, the semi-finals.

Wednesday, 22 april, 15h00): Steve Davis and Joe Johnson in 1986, to the finale.

Thursday, 23 april, 15h00): Jimmy White-Stephen Hendry – in 1988, in the second round.

as of Friday, 24 april, 15h00): Stephen Hendry-Jimmy White – 1992, final.

on Saturday 25 april (13: 30): Stephen Hendry-Jimmy White – the 1994 final.

on Sunday the 26th of april (15.00): Stephen Hendry-Ronnie O’sullivan – 2002, the semi-finals.

on Monday, april 27, (14h45) – Peter Ebdon Matthew Stevens – 2002, the semi-finals.

on Tuesday, april 28 (14h45): Ken Doherty, Paul Hunter in 2003, semi-finals:

Wednesday, 29 april, 14h45): Shaun Murphy-Matthew Stevens in 2007, quarter-final).

on Thursday, 30 april, 14h45): John Higgins-Judd Trump – 2011, final.

as of Friday, may 1 (14h45): Ronnie O’sullivan-Barry Hawkins – 2013 final.

on Saturday, 2 may (13: 30): Neil Robertson-Judd Trump – 2014, quarter-finals:

on Sunday, 3 may (14: 00): Steve Davis-Dennis Taylor, the 1985 final.

on Monday, may 4, (14h45): Judd Trump-Stuart Bingham – the 2015 semi-finals.

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