The Belgian authorities are currently warning of three sun protection products from the manufacturer Biosolis. Accordingly, the actual sun protection factor does not correspond to that which is declared on the packaging.

Users are therefore not adequately protected from UV radiation, which can increase the risk of sunburn or skin cancer, as “” writes. Accordingly, the products do not comply with either the Cosmetics Ordinance or the Commission’s recommendation on the effectiveness of sunscreens. Therefore, an immediate sales stop was ordered.

Sun milk with a specified sun protection factor of 30

Sun spray with a specified sun protection factor of 30

Children’s sun milk with a specified sun protection factor of 50

The song “Layla” has been at the top of the charts for weeks and is particularly popular on Ballermann. The cities of Würzburg and Dsseldorf have now banned the song at their folk festivals because of its sexist lyrics.

16-year-old Kaden from Norfolk, England, went to his school prom in an extravagant bright red dress with a crown on his head instead of wearing a formal suit. When he got out of the car, his classmates cheered.

Attitudes towards work also change over the generations. Much to the chagrin of Europapark boss Mack, who is currently desperately looking for workers for his amusement park. He cannot understand the work ethic of the younger generation, which is geared towards balance and little stress.

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