Xiaomi actually wanted to become the number 1 smartphone manufacturer in the world. The Chinese manufacturer wanted to achieve this by 2024. But currently it doesn’t look as if Xiaomi could do this.

Because the sales of Xiaomi smartphones are declining. In the third quarter of 2022, global smartphone shipments once again fell quite significantly by 9 percent worldwide and even by 11 percent in China. Now that has an impact.

The best Xiaomi cell phones in the CHIP comparison

After the first employees had to leave in August, there is now a new “company optimization”, which means nothing else than that ten percent of the Xiaomi workforce have to go. The manufacturer currently employs around 35,000 people worldwide.

So the number 1 seems a long way off. And it should probably not be possible either, since the manufacturer’s models are becoming more and more expensive. So you have your unique selling proposition of earlier days, good

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