the thickness of the air in the Royal house! Between Kate (37) and her best friend Rose Hanbury (35), it should be, a quarrel to come. The Duchess invited her husband Prince William (36), Hanbury from the circle of friends to exclude. The British “Sun” reported.

“It is known that Kate and Rose had a terrible quarrel,” says a Palace insider to the newspaper. William didn’t want to donate then peace, to save the friendship. However, it should be to do nothing at all. “Kate made it clear that you don’t want to see Rose. You want William draws the line,” says the well-Known.

Rose was regarded as a love-in candidate for Prince William

Now the British, what could be fall between the two Ladies to pre-speculate that their once-close friendship went flutes. Because in the past, the two were always amicably, on occasions, for example, are both patrons of the charity East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. In addition, Hanbury’s sons playmates of Prince George (5).

it Came to a break, because Kate sees in Rose more and more an opponent? Earlier, the former Model has acted as a potential girlfriend for Prince William. In this regard, must make Catherine not to Worry about: Hanbury married in 2009, David rock savage (58), the Marquess of Cholmondeley.

Runs Rose Kate slowly up the rank?

However, the Cholmondeleys, according to the “Gala” part of a Clique, called the “Turnip Toffs”, a party-addicted group, which also includes Prince Williams friends William and Rosie Van Cutsem, Tom and Polly Coke, the Earl and Countess of Leicester, and James and Laura Meade, the God of Prince Louis (10 months). Handbury and her husband were extremely well connected, knows the Daily Mail, the two would be considered fabulous hosts. Rose Hanbury, moreover, since recent years, the reputation as a “dazzling Society Lady”, as a “society beauty”.

Against this Background, it could be fruits of the Duchess, that you could make the best friend within the Royal family, the rank, suggests an observer. “Kate seems to see Rose as a rival,” says a well-Known. The exact reason why Kate just now, friend rice, leash pulling, is, however, unclear. (wyt)